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Kids more likely to die outside of hot cars vs. leaving them in one
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By Andrea Peyser
August 18, 2014

Kids more likely to die outside of hot cars vs. leaving them in one

If you’re a normal, harried parent, chances are good that you’ve fantasized about committing this unspeakable act. Maybe you’ve even tried it. Just once! (Or twice.) But you’d never admit it to a soul.

You left your child, alone, in the back seat of the family car. For just a few minutes. Hey — buying milk, running to the bathroom or filling a prescription for antidepressants doesn’t take long.

Does it?

Across America, moms and dads are getting nailed by the criminal justice system for doing deeds that their own parents likely performed without suffering punishment. New York City fashion designer Sylvia Harden last month joined a growing list of alleged bad parents when she learned the hard way that she’d be better off suppressing her natural urge to shop.

Harden, 35, a senior designer for women’s Rugby Ralph Lauren, was at Woodbury Common Premium Outlets upstate when some busybody noticed that her 1-year-old son was alone in a car and called security officers.

Harden was nabbed upon returning to her vehicle after leaving her boy unattended for at least 15 minutes. He was strapped into his car seat with the windows cracked open and the doors locked as Harden trolled Woodbury’s discount designer shops. The outside temperature was 80 degrees. But when paramedics checked out the child, they found him to be in good health.

Still, Harden’s son was placed with Orange County Child Protective Services — foster care — and she was charged with endangering the welfare of a child, a misdemeanor that could land her in jail for up to a year if she’s convicted. She pleaded not guilty at a court hearing. The tot was later returned to his mom.

Reached at her home in Manhattan’s Financial District, Harden told me, “It’s really been hard on me. Hopefully, it’s ending soon. It’s painful.’’

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Bacall 'em as she saw 'em

Movie and stage siren Lauren Bacall, who died last week at age 89, once verbally eviscerated a teenage Anderson Cooper. Bacall was a guest at a 1982 dinner in Southampton given by Gloria Vanderbilt, mom of Cooper, now a CNN anchor, who was 14 at the time. He said, “Something has to be done to help the Palestinians. We need a Palestinian state,’’ according to John LeBoutillier, a former congressman and Vanderbilt’s cousin, Post columnist Richard Johnson reported.

Bacall, an ardent supporter of Israel, “went nuts’’ and humiliated the boy to the point of tears said Le Boutillier. (Cooper, now 47, denied only that he cried.) The tale was meant to demonstrate that Bacall — a Jew born Betty Joan Perske in The Bronx — could be a terror.

I think she showed great strength of character.

Drop the soap in this prison

Rikers Island jail inmates staged a riot last week after a new curfew — 9 p.m., moved back from 11 p.m. — prevented them from watching the sexy Spanish-language soap opera “En Otra Piel’’ (“In Another Skin’’). Correction officers used pepper spray to force 68 men who’d refused to go to bed to return to their cells.

“Telemundo soft porn’’ is how a jail source described the telenovela.

“Maybe guys in jails like the passion that we Latinas have,’’ soap star Silvana Arias, 34, told The Post.

Now you know that your tax dollars paid for inmates to enjoy TV images of scantily clad babes.

Sad state of 'affairs'

Gia Arnold, 24, announced that she’s quitting her Republican primary campaign for an upstate Senate seat because she cheated on her husband. It seems to me that she would fit right in with the randy, allegedly corrupt crew dominating the state-government cesspool in Albany.

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