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Dunst receives fury for feminine comments in Bazaar

By Andrea Peyser
April 21, 2014

Dunst receives fury for feminine comments in Bazaar


I work long hours, routinely order in pizza, nag the husband, and crash in front of the TV. Like many women who once longed for a berth amid the rat race — gals who’ve plotted to win high-power jobs, professional respect and the right to dig themselves early graves — I wouldn’t trade my life for anyone else’s.

But I can dream.

Wouldn’t it be a blast to stay home in a bathrobe instead of dodging smelly vagrants on the subway? I’d like to run with the kid in the park rather than pay someone to do it for me. I fantasize about finding the time to cook osso buco — if I could just figure out how the devil to work the oven.

Kirsten Dunst is my new hero. Or should I say heroine?

The actress — who appeared in three “Spider-Man” movies, is promoting her upcoming film, “The Two Faces of January,’’ enjoys the company of a man and looks pretty darn good doing these things — was attacked by angry feminists (or is that term redundant?) for speaking the truth about heterosexual women and family values. I’ll let her do the talking:

“I feel like the feminine has been a little undervalued,” Dunst, 31, said in an interview for next month’s Harper’s Bazaar UK.


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Betting on the Clinton name game

Will the happy couple go modern or traditional? Johnny Avello, executive director of race and sports operations at the Wynn Las Vegas, picked every major winner of this year’s Oscars. Can he guess the name and sex of the baby expected by Chelsea Clinton, 34, and her 36-year-old investment-banker hubby, Marc Mezvinsky? (This is for fun. No bets will be taken.)

Avello’s top pick, at 12-to-1 odds, is the popular female name Emma. It also was the middle name of Chelsea’s late grandmother, Dorothy Rodham, the mother of her mom, ex-Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. The name Dorothy gets 40-to-1 odds.

Choice No. 2 is James, at 14-to-1 odds, followed by Jefferson, the middle name of Chelsea’s father, former President Bill Clinton, at 18-to-1.

The first name of Bill’s late mom, Virginia, gets 25-to-1 odds, and her last name, Kelley, gets 35-to-1. The name of Marc’s mom, Marjorie, gets 45-to-1 odds, and his dad’s name, Edward, is 150-to-1. Other possibilities include Bill’s official name, William, at 85-to-1 odds; Leo, 22-to-1; and Madison, 65-to-1. In last place, at 200-to-1 odds, is Hugh, the name of Hillary’s late father.

Avello did not put the name Hillary on the list. It’s also not known if the child will be raised Methodist, like Chelsea, or Jewish, like Marc. (Jews usually don’t name their kids after living people.) Finally, Avello gave a slight edge to the child being a boy — 5-to-6 odds.

He gave even odds to the baby being a girl.

I can hardly wait!

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