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Weiner weighs-in on topless Times Square debate
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By Andrea Peyser
August 31, 2015

Weiner weighs-in on topless Times Square debate

This summer’s Great Times Square Boob War has a co-star.

The battle over a woman’s right to expose her breasts in exchange for tourists’ wrinkled bills drew the undivided attention of a man known for exhibitionism — Anthony Weiner.

The Democrat, whom Donald Trump called a “perv” and “one of the greatest sleazebags of our time,” weighed in on his twin obsessions in a New York Times Op-Ed last week.

Weiner shared his unasked-for views on the bickering that has long carried on between the state’s governors and the city’s mayors on issues of critical legal, social and jiggling import.

His chief example? Gov. Cuomo’s move to usurp the authority of his fellow Dem, Mayor de Blasio, by sending state troopers into Times Square to “interview body-painted topless panhandlers,” he wrote.

“We need to fix this out-of-whack balance of power,” he wrote, using an unfortunate choice of words, “and return more authority to New York and other cities.’’

What in the name of hooters is happening?

Last year, Kim Kardashian ushered in the season of the butt by posing for Paper magazine with her oiled and ample caboose exposed. But you know the age of the breast has arrived when Wee Willie Weiner makes a valid point about the politics of mammaries.

Weiner, of course, resigned from his congressional seat in disgrace in 2011 after getting caught sending pictures of his alert manhood to babes over the Internet.

I need to lie down.

With vagrants infesting the city and schools embroiled in a grade-fixing scandal, folks in officialdom are squabbling like toddlers and creating a new layer of bureaucracy in feverish campaigns designed to rein in knockers.

Ladies known as desnudas roam family-friendly Times Square in thongs and feathered headdresses with only body paint concealing their forms above the waist.

As The Post first reported in April, some of these bimbos are the city’s new squeegee men. Like creeps who dress up as Spider-Man, Elmo or Mickey, some harass tourists, demanding tips after posing for photos.

Post reporter Amber Jamieson went undercover as a desnuda. After seven hours posing for pics with foreigners, local bozos and kids, Jamieson concluded that the painted ladies face extreme sexism.

The Naked Cowboy roams the square clad in his tighty-whities, placing the hands of female tourists on his butt for a photo, “and he’s regarded as a charming, quintessential New York experience,” Jamieson wrote.

But women who work for tips in the Crossroads of the World, surrounded by ads featuring scantily clad cuties, “are apparently shameful and inappropriate,” she wrote.

“I’m Team Topless.”

What to do? NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton has a fabulous solution. “Just dig the whole damn thing up,” he suggested, referring to the pedestrian plazas created during the Bloomberg administration. That way, beggars in all states of undress and all manner of costume would have no place to congregate. Problem solved?

The mayor this month organized a task force to seek ways to drive aggressive panhandlers and bare-chested damsels from public view. A report is due Oct. 1.

I can hardly wait.

Women joined men in being legally allowed to display their nipples anywhere in the state after a 1992 appeals-court decision. The mayor and governor may have an uphill climb inducing women to cover up.

I see only one winner here. Anthony Weiner has seized political relevance out of the bosom madness. But he draws attention from the No. 1 problem facing New Yorkers today: The city’s dwindling quality of life.

Andrea Peyser

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Danger down the line

Another element of New York City’s quality of life is disintegrating: Reports of assaults in subway stations have jumped 24 percent — to 151 from the beginning of the year to Aug. 16, compared with 122 over the same time period last year.

The top two stations in which straphangers risk being attacked are Union Square station in Manhattan and Prospect Park in Brooklyn.

Hardy New Yorkers have to put up with overcrowded trains and aggressive panhandlers as we ride to work.

But fear of assault is just another insult that could drive people out of the city.

Mayor de Blasio, take heed.

It’s about the victims

As a journalist, I’m in shock. As a parent, I’m grief-stricken.

As a human being, I can’t fathom such savagery.

A deranged gunman, recording the event for social media, murdered reporter Alison Parker, 24, and cameraman Adam Ward, 27, Wednesday morning, shooting them as they were live on the air reporting a story for TV station WDBJ in Roanoke, Va. The attention-seeking psychopath, who’d been fired from the station, also shot and wounded Vicki Gardner, executive director of the local Chamber of Commerce, then shot himself to death as cops closed in. I won’t mention his name here. This is about his precious victims.

They are loved and missed by everyone whose lives they touched. Even by people who never met them.

’Net a boon for af-fairer sex

A California technology executive told The Post’s Dana Schuster that his wife’s addiction to the Ashley Madison cheating spouses’ Web site broke up their 19-year marriage, which produced two children.

A site user once told me she strayed after her husband ignored Mother’s Day.

The recent hack of Ashley Madison revealed some jarring things about who’s doing whom: Josh Duggar, the former reality-TV creature who admitted to sexually abusing females — including two of his sisters — was a member. But among the 32 million people whose information was leaked, just 14 percent appeared to be female.

That seems like quite a few to me.

Some women’s profiles reportedly are phony, and some women trolling the site are said to be sex workers. And some busted members claim that friends or enemies signed them up without their knowledge.

Even assuming that’s all true, it seems as if women are catching on to the ease of adultery in the Internet age.

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